Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Free Askari X and the Oakland Streets !!!

Askari X Free'd, and some History of the Oakland Streets

The Oakland Rap Revolutionairy Askari X, is now back on the Oakland Streets. From his ascent to the legendary status of pioneering Bay Area Rap Artist to his alignment to the Struggle for liberation of Black People, Askari X has been a target. Throughout his years in the 41510 (Oakland Sf Bay Area) Askari has gone in and out of prison for whatever reason the OPD (Oakland Police Departement) could find. The Revolutionairy songs and his workings with NPDUM nowInPDUM and the Ansars Askari educated many Black Youth on Revolution. Starting with the Ansars, then continuing to the RBG's Askari was at the forefront of conscious music. Askari's first album Ward of the State released in 1992 put down the RBGs. Righteous Black Guerrillas waaay before it was coined by the NY group Dead Prez. The DPz to their credit have continued the struggle even reaching out to Askari in the past years. In the 90s, yours truely Kingofblaxmedia spent time with InPDUM in the Uhuru house on Foothill Blvd in Oakland. Tales always arose of Askari and his strength to fight for his people. In the future Daundaground.com will publish exclusive footage of Askari from years past. Until then, we provide you with his video Oakland Streets from his 2nd album Message to the Black Man. Uhuru!

Paris Still Breaking the Grip of Shame

Dropping in 1990 Paris broke hip hop ground as the Black Panther of Hip Hop. This product of the SF Bay Area and the same streets that the BPP Party used to organize, dropped The Devil Made Me Do it as his first LP. Paris' uncompromising stance on political issues and biting social commentary have endured through 6 albums, Scarface Records, the group the Conscious Daughters (most recently featured on Nas Where are they Now?), and his now Revolutionairy Label Guerrilla Funk Records. Also stay tuned for an exclusive interview from Paris from years back from Daundaground.com We give you his classic Break the Grip of Shame as a salute to this Bay Area Pioneer. Power 2 the People...

Willie Hutch the Essence of Slick

Willie Hutch was a true Pioneer. His soundtrack to The Mack was an instant classic. Along with the film which examined the Pimp Game and the Black Power Game in Oakland California, the soundtrack proved to be just as important as the film images. The film starring and written by Max Julien gave light to struggles of Oakland. Willie Though born in Los Angeles and growing up in Texas his music provided the soundtrack to much in the Bay. Passing in 2005 Willie's music lives on and is featured above performing Slick on Soul Train.

..stay tuned for more Bay Area Black History in Feb!!

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